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  • <b>Jelly (ver. 8.5 cropped jeans)</b>

  • Jelly (ver. 8.5 cropped jeans)

  • [Jungcheong Ice S, L, XL, BlueS, M, L same-day shipping]

    The fit I wanted! The fit that matches my leg length! Jelly jeans part 11, 8.5 length cropped jeans~ Chewy elasticity and perfect fit, the best♡
  • 31.40 USD
  • <b>Jelly (ver. Hidden Banding Slacks)</b>

  • Jelly (ver. Hidden Banding Slacks)

  • [Same-day shipping for all options]

    Ultra spandex jelly slacks that stretch from side to side!! Verified by customer reviews! Chewy elasticity and perfect fit are the best ♡
  • 31.40 USD
  • <b>[Black Hole] Pin tuck Boot cut banding pants</b>

  • [Black Hole] Pin tuck Boot cut banding pants

  • [Beige brushed M, L, beige cotton, black brushed XL, XXL, XXXL, black cotton S, M, L, black cotton Adam, black brushed Adam XL, charcoal cotton same-day shipping]

    Made of cushioned material that holds firmly, it creates a comfortable, slim fit like leggings.
  • 23.25 USD
  • <b>Pabee suspender pants</b>

  • Pabee suspender pants

  • [Khaki_L same-day shipping]

    Perfect suspender pants with a uniform fit that are excellent for covering the body shape! Dress up in a lively and casual mood. XD
  • 23.25 USD
  • <b>Patch Mink Bonding Baggy Denim</b>

  • Patch Mink Bonding Baggy Denim

  • [Same-day shipping for all options]

    No need to worry about cold weather thanks to Mink bonding on the entire lining of the pants - You can enjoy a more cheerful look by rolling up the pants so that the Mink lining is visible :)
  • 33.44 USD
  • <b>Daily wide ice pants</b>

  • Daily wide ice pants

  • [ Same-day delivery of all options ]

    Cool and fresh in the summer season with the texture of ice!! Popular with wide fit and cool fit
  • 15.09 USD
  • <b>[Black Hole] All-purpose wide high abdomen pants</b>

  • [Black Hole] All-purpose wide high abdomen pants

  • [Same-day shipping for all options]

    Perfectly covers the lower body without looking bulky! Beautiful wide fit - high waist pants that comfortably and softly hold the abdomen in a stable manner :)
  • 17.13 USD
  • <b>Pleats Cool Banding Wide Pants</b>

  • Pleats Cool Banding Wide Pants

  • [ Same-day delivery of all options ]

    It's cool with perfect chalangim! These are pants that combine activity with a comfortable wide fit :)
  • 15.09 USD
  • <b>light Tencel Cool Banding Baggy Denim</b>

  • light Tencel Cool Banding Baggy Denim

  • [ Long length_Light blueS same day delivery ]

    Cool with a natural baggy fit~ICE Tencel material Soft, refreshing and pleasant! Various sizes without regard to various body types!
  • 27.32 USD
  • <b>[Black Hole] Semi-boots line cut 8.5 banding pants</b>

  • [Black Hole] Semi-boots line cut 8.5 banding pants

  • [ S, L same-day delivery ]

    Boot cut restaurant! Demonic black hole pants that can only be found in Pingxi :) The semi-boot cut fit line is not burdensome, and the side incision double split point makes the legs look longer -
  • 24.27 USD
  • <b>[Black Hole] Straight 8.5 banding pants</b>

  • [Black Hole] Straight 8.5 banding pants

  • [ Black same day delivery ]

    Introducing Banding pants that add the sensibility of Pink Sisley and give you a comfortable daily life as if it were training :)
  • 15.09 USD
  • <b>Slacks to get rid of belly fat</b>

  • Slacks to get rid of belly fat

  • [ Same-day delivery of all options ]

    Thanks to the wide banding that catches the belly fat, it is easy to wear without worrying about extra fat, and the perfect fit is enough to relieve coordination worries with just one pair of pants :)
  • 10.09 USD
  • <b>Jelly (ver. Cutting Date_Black)</b>

  • Jelly (ver. Cutting Date_Black)

  • [[Cotton]S,M,L,[napping]S,M,L,XL same-day shipping]

    The stretchy jelly black jeans that customers have been waiting for have finally been updated★ Complete a stylish look with jeans with cut hems!
  • 22.23 USD
  • <b>Mochi Span Baggy Banding Pants</b>

  • Mochi Span Baggy Banding Pants

  • Stop worrying about pants! Stop worrying about coordination! Full banding makes it easy to coordinate without being tight and goes well with any top :)
  • 28.34 USD
  • <b>2 types of Cotinho Check banding pants</b>

  • 2 types of Cotinho Check banding pants

  • Two types of key point pants with a casual color combination check pattern that look great with any top! Shorts or long pants medium PICK to the desired length♥
  • 13.05 USD
  • <b>Lineup Cotton Part 8 Skinny</b>

  • Lineup Cotton Part 8 Skinny

  • [BlackL, IvoryS same-day shipping]

    Part 8 Skinny that will satisfy you with style, comfort, and usability!
  • 30.38 USD
  • <b>Go-go pin tuck back banding Baggy Denim</b>

  • Go-go pin tuck back banding Baggy Denim

  • [Black S, XL, Light blueXL, Medium blue L, XL, 2XL same-day shipping]

    These comfortable baggy fit denim pants are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They come in several colors and can be matched with any top!
  • 28.34 USD
  • <b>Check 8.5 Span Boot cut Pants</b>

  • Check 8.5 Span Boot cut Pants

  • [CheckL,XL same-day shipping]

    Life fit 8.5 boot cut ♥ I recommend it because it is made of light fabric and is easy to enjoy. :)
  • 25.39 USD
  • <b>Mine wide jumpsuit</b>

  • Mine wide jumpsuit

  • S/S Season Daily Jumpsuit! Without worrying about coordination, I recommend you to buy a T-shirt and a set coordinated with the end of the coordination: ).
  • 20.19 USD
  • <b>Heil Slit Straight Denim[7107]</b>

  • Heil Slit Straight Denim[7107]

  • [ Ssize same day delivery ]

    Introducing more stylish denim pants with three-dimensional washing ^^ Perfect fit and activity with comfortable elasticity and hidden banding!
  • 25.28 USD
  • <b>Jelly (ver. Mink Bonding Boot cut)</b>

  • Jelly (ver. Mink Bonding Boot cut)

  • [ S, M same day shipping ]

    Don't wear leggings under your pants anymore! You can wear it very warmly even in the middle of winter thanks to the very thick ridged bristles!
  • 20.19 USD
  • <b>7.5cm denim skinny</b>

  • 7.5cm denim skinny

  • [ S size same day shipping ]

    These high-banding skinny jeans provide a tight fit not only to the leg line but also to the ankles, allowing for a slim look.
  • 10.09 USD

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  • <b>Warm Boafur Jogger Wide Banding Pants</b>

  • Warm Boafur Jogger Wide Banding Pants

  • Warm up your body temperature every day with the boa fur lining! This winter's essential pants that you can wear comfortably every day with a slim jogger line to keep your flab in check ♥
  • 24.27 USD
  • <b>BerryHOT Mink Span Wide Denim</b>

  • BerryHOT Mink Span Wide Denim

  • Even if you wear just one, you’ll feel hot! Denim pants with a fit that is resistant to cold waves, warmth, and comfort♥
  • 40.58 USD
  • <b>ZERO cold! Boafur Patch Banding Skinny</b>

  • ZERO cold! Boafur Patch Banding Skinny

  • ZERO worry about the cold The fit is perfect Skinny The entire lining is treated with high-density boa fur, so it is resistant to cold waves Banding Skinny ♥
  • 20.19 USD
  • <b>Jacquard ridged wide banding pants</b>

  • Jacquard ridged wide banding pants

  • Made of three-dimensional jacquard material, you can look stylish even if you wear it alone! 200% warm wide banding pants with raised lining ♥
  • 16.11 USD
  • <b>3 types of hot pack padding banding pants</b>

  • 3 types of hot pack padding banding pants

  • Reduced weight and increased warmth! 3 types of perfect fit that will capture everyone's heart with padding fabric that provides more intense warmth than a hot pack ♥
  • 20.19 USD
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